Pan is the daughter of Gohan and Videl, the granddaughter of Goku and Hercule, and the niece of Goten, she makes her Dragon Ball GT debut in "A Devastating Wish".

Biography Edit

Search for the Black-Star Dragon Balls Edit

Pan is a pre-teen now, and is astonished about how her grandfather has changed. When Vegeta suggests that Goku, Goten, and Trunks search for the Dragon Balls, she is angered to find that they think she isn't old enough for this thing, so she decides to tag along with Goku and Trunks, leaving Goten behind. She goes on crazy misadventures with Goku and Trunks, being turned into a doll, getting sucked into Lord Luud, even almost dying of dehydration on that desert planet.

Baby, The Evil Parasite Edit

Pan is shocked to find that everyone on Earth, even her own parents, were taken over by Baby. After Goku's supposed death, she travels with Hercule (who manages to stay out of Baby's control) inside Majin Buu (who also managed to keep control), to Planet Tuffle, she then mocks Baby, angering the people of Earth, prompting Gohan to kill her, but Uub gets in the way, who battles Baby, but fuses with Majin Buu, becoming Majuub. Pan later helps Goku regain conscious of himself,after which he transforms in to Super Saiyan 4.

Super 17, The Ultimate Android Edit

After seeing her friends battered and broken by Super 17's might, she attacks him head-on, but gets knocked unconscious, after which Hercule takes care of her.

The Shadow Dragons Edit

Pan tags along with Goku to assist him in his fight with the Shadow Dragons. Pan and Goku encounter Haze Shenron, and after a long pollution battle, she fires a Kamehameha with Goku, destroying the Two-Star Dragon, and she encounters Rage Shenron, which she is electrocuted to no end. They next meet Oceanus Shenron, who she becomes disgusted, not only by finding out the wish that made Oceanus, but Goku having his clothes ripped off. Pan and Goku encounter Naturon Shenron next, who absorbs Pan into his being. She barely escaped alive, but she made it. Pan next meets Nuova Shenron, whom she attacks but gets knocked unconscious. Later, while Goku was elsewhere, the unconscious Pan was beaten up by Eis Shenron, angering Goku to fight Eis instead of Nuova. But before this, Pan apologizes for losing the Dragon Balls before she loses consciousness again. Eis then uses Pan as a shield, disgusting Goku, she lays Pan down on a comfy spot. Later, she wakes up, finding that her grandfather his hanging on a tower, scaring her. She later takes the sidelines along with everyone else to watch Goku, and later Vegeta, fight. After Goku's supposed death, she is told by Gohan to take care of Chi-Chi and Videl before he fights Omega Shenron. After Goku launches the Universal Spirit Bomb, she watches Goku as Shenron appears without summoning. After Goku and Shenron leave, she is told by Vegeta to treasure his left-behind clothes.