Uub is a character in Dragon Ball GT who fused with Majin Buu to become Majuub. He makes his Dragon Ball GT debut in "The Return of Uub".


Uub has a mohawk kind of hair-style. Before he became Majuub, he had a turquoise gi with yellow wristbands and white silky pants. After he became Majuub, he had a fusion jacket, still with the white silky pants, but this time with a much more muscular makeup of his body. He additionally gains a pink aura like Buu.

Personality Edit

Uub is a kind-hearted person, but shown in the previous series, he can be very irrational.

Biography Edit

Battling Baby, The Evil Parasite Edit

Uub returns (as the episode implies), in the Baby Saga, saving Pan from when Gohan was about to commit murder. He fights Baby after, but Baby proves far too strong for Uub. He manages to get a shot at him, though. Baby knocks Uub to the ground and blasts him. Majin Buu then tells Uub about his existence, and merges bodies with him, becoming Majuub. Majuub then proceeds to fight Baby again, this time the tables turn in Majuub's favor. He brutally beats down Baby and proceeds to finish Baby with a Chocolate Kamehameha. However, Baby counterattacks with a Final Flash, reversing the attack on Majuub, turning him into chocolate instead. Baby then proceeds to devour him as a rewarding snack.

The 30th World Tournament Edit

Majuub is disguised as Papaya Man to make money for his family. He enters the World Tournament and defeats each opponent, one by one. He eventually makes his way to the finals, proceeding to finish Hercule. But the spirit of Majin Buu intervenes, and tells him that defeating the World Champion, whom everyone counts on, would be wrong. Therefore, Majuub lets Hercule win the Tournament.

Super 17, The Ultimate Android Edit

Majuub battles with everyone else against Super 17, but like everyone else, they were defeated very quickly.

The Strongest Shadow Dragon Edit

Majuub blasts away the sword intended by Syn Shenron to kill Goku. He then protects Goku and the others by fighting Syn, but he is blasted in the mouth, and lands somewhere in the city. He then gets up and goes to the others, suggesting fusion with either Gohan, Goten, or Trunks. Gohan informs him that he needs to let his body heal first before they can do fusion. Later, when Omega Shenron darkens the Earth, Goten tells Majuub to find his family. He then stands by Goku with the others as Shenron appears without being summoned and leaves forever with Goku.